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A Few Good Hawaii Blogs

December 2nd, 2008 by Ryan Ozawa · 15 Comments · Blogs, People, Social Media, Technology, The Web

Featured is built to showcase “the best in blogs,” and the wonderful folks at Six Apart (who are also behind TypePad and Movable Type) have been building a fantastic collection of reviews and links.  One of their key features are “Top Ten Lists,” which have been compiled by dozens of notable bloggers and blog readers (including Craig Newmark, Marc Canter, Veronica Belmont, and Alyssa Milano, to name but a few).

I was surprised and flattered to be invited to contribute a “Top 10 Hawaii Blogs” list.  I was also immediately overwhelmed.  There are 176 blogs in my “Hawaii” folder in Google Reader.  And I came up with about 30 blogs off the top of my head that I’d consider “Top 10″ material.  It was, in fact, an impossible undertaking.

You could probably identify a thousand different facets to any given place.  And if there’s anything Hawaii embodies, it’s diversity.  There could be a “Top 10 Hawaii Travel Blogs,” or “Top 10 Hawaii Food Blogs,” or “Top 10 Hawaii Political Blogs.”  Where to begin?

I decided to pick ten broad categories, and highlight a single blog in each that does a great job in covering their niche.  So in the “Top 10 Hawaii Blogs,” you’ll find a travel blog, a food blog, a political blog, and seven others on different topics.  I wish I could include another ten categories, or a handful of blogs in each… nonetheless, I hope the collection offers a decent cross section of Hawaii blogs, highlighting different sides of Hawaii life.

Have your own “Top 10″ blogs list?  I’d love to read it!

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