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Entries from February 24th, 2009

Okino: Homosexuality causes disease

February 24th, 2009 by Ryan Ozawa · 11 Comments · Politics

There’s a maelstrom of controversy surrounding Hawaii House Bill #444, which “extends the same rights, benefits, protections, and responsibilities of spouses in a marriage to partners in a civil union.”  Churches and other groups organized a demonstration against the bill that drew thousands to the State Capitol on Sunday, and the Interfaith Alliance Hawaii staged […]

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Bookmarks for February 22nd

February 24th, 2009 by Ryan Ozawa · 1 Comment · Links

These are my links for February 22nd from 16:33 to 16:57

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“LOST” Under Fire

February 17th, 2009 by Ryan Ozawa · 3 Comments · Miscellaneous

SPOILER ALERT! Things were pretty quiet on the “LOST” spotting front. As we reported in our last “LOST” podcast, the only news last week was a Twitter note from my friend Susan (confirmed by Shari) about some explosions on the Hawaii Film Studio lot on Diamond Head.  Fortunately, the pyrotechnics continued after the long weekend, […]

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Bookmarks for February 16th

February 16th, 2009 by Ryan Ozawa · No Comments · Links

These are my links for January 30th through February 16th:

  • Michelin wheel walks on the moon with NASA: A specially-designed wheel from Michelin, will drive the next generation of moon rover vehicles, which require mobility under extreme conditions and harsh terrain. The Michelin Lunar Wheel underwent testing in Hawaii as part of NASA’s lunar analogue testing and evaluation program.
  • High-tech program debuts at Farrington: Project EAST will bring computers, GPS mapping tools, architectural and computer-assisted-design software as well as 3-D animation to the campus in Kalihi. The program is funded by state and federal grants as well as private donors.

    Project EAST is scheduled to start at Mililani, McKinley and Roosevelt high schools later this year. It has already under way at 10 neighbor-island schools.

  • Senate bill pushes employer tax credit for telecommuters: A Senate bill making its way through the state legislature proposes tax credits for employers setting up telecommuting programs for employees. Another bill seeks to establish a task force to look at telework opportunities in both the public and private sector.
  • Old Meds Hold Promise As Therapy for Autoimmune Diseases: Johns Hopkins Gazette: A century-old drug that failed in its original intent to treat tuberculosis but has worked well as an antileprosy medicine now holds new promise as a potential therapy for multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases.
  • Male Whales Prefer Enormous Females: Discovery News: While svelte, petite women may attract multiple suitors, bigger is definitely better in the whale world, according to a new study that found male humpback whales favor the largest females.
  • Top Twitter Celebrities – The real business benefits of that Twitter success are still largely a matter of faith: Kawasaki says that only 6% of his Alltop traffic comes directly from Twitter, but he believes those social media users are more likely to become repeat visitors and pass the site on to their friends.
  • Steven Levy on the Burden of Twitter: The more I upload the details of my existence, even in the form of random observations and casual location updates, the more I worry about giving away too much. It's one thing to share intimacies person- to-person. But with a community? Creepy.

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Honolulu Twestival Raises Over $7,000

February 13th, 2009 by Ryan Ozawa · 9 Comments · Events, Hawaii, Social Media, The Web

The Honolulu Twestival was yesterday. I was one of the organizers. It figures that after I implored everyone to help publicize it, the event is over by the time I mention it for the first time here.  But where I fell short, many others excelled, and the evening was a fantastic success.  Our goal was […]

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Daniel Dae Kim Jumps Into Restaurant Biz

February 8th, 2009 by Ryan Ozawa · 5 Comments · Business, Food, Hawaii, Lost, People, Pop Culture, Television

A brief item in this morning’s Star-Bulletin from John Heckathorn: Restaurateur DK Kodama and “Lost” actor Daniel Dae Kim are opening a restaurant together, a casual, build-your-own-burger franchise called The Counter. Next to Whole Foods at Kahala Mall, next month. How’d they get together? DK’s daughter and DDK’s son are in the same class at […]

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Google Earth ‘Oceans’ Reveal Underwater Hawaii

February 2nd, 2009 by Ryan Ozawa · 1 Comment · Hawaii, Technology

Today, Google announced the addition of an “Oceans” layer to its popular and powerful Google Earth software.  With the Google Earth 5.0 upgrade, you can now zoom in and navigate the hills and canyons of the ocean floor the same way you always could navigate through mountains and cities on land. Fortunately, the waters off Hawaii […]

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