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Hawaii Blog on the Amazon Kindle

May 22nd, 2009 by Ryan Ozawa · No Comments · Blogs, Gadgets, Hawaii Blog, Technology

If you’re among the lucky geeks to have an Amazon Kindle, you can now subscribe to Hawaii Blog as you would any other electronic periodical. Amazon, using a secret formula that seems to perplex many a blogger, has set the price of a Hawaii Blog subscription to $1.99 a month. Of course, you could always […]

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Alltop Tracks Hawaii

April 14th, 2008 by Ryan Ozawa · 3 Comments · Blogs, Hawaii, Hawaii Blog, Media, Technology, The Web

Alltop, the latest web venture by Hawaii-born entrepreneur, author, and one-time Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki, today added a new channel devoted to Hawaii. Alltop offers quick, clean overviews of headlines from a variety of subjects, from venture capital to music to gaming. Described as “dashboards” or “virtual magazine racks,” the site’s pages allow you to […]

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Flight Attendant Flummoxed by iPhone

October 11th, 2007 by Ryan Ozawa · 2 Comments · Gadgets, Hawaii Blog, Odd

On a recent trip to Hawaii on cheap discount airline ATA, an iPhone-toting traveler named Craig sparked a snit from a flight attendant when he had the audacity to safely operate an electronic device while in-flight. Despite the demonstrated use of the iPhone’s “airplane mode” — an interference-free setting common on most smartphones — it […]

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Catchy reCAPTCHA

October 2nd, 2007 by Ryan Ozawa · 3 Comments · Hawaii Blog, The Web

The best part of blogging is getting comments. The worst part of blogging is getting comment… spam. Every escribitionist knows the crestfallen sensation of receiving a delicious morsel of feedback that turns out to be a crude pitch for pills, porn, or trading secrets the fat cats on Wall Street don’t want you to know. […]

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Carnival of Aloha II: Electric Boogaloo

October 1st, 2007 by Ryan Ozawa · 2 Comments · Hawaii, Hawaii Blog, The Web

Kudos to Evelyn of Homespun Honolulu on the triumphant launch of the second “Carnival of Aloha.” I’m proud to be a part of this latest tour through the island blogosphere, and honored to be the first stop. Especially after I failed to be entirely complimentary the first time around. For October’s blog carnival, Evelyn leads […]

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Got iPhone?

September 29th, 2007 by Ryan Ozawa · 2 Comments · Gadgets, Hawaii Blog

If you’ve got an Apple iPhone or an iPod Touch, you can now browse Hawaii Blog with ease. Thanks to the iWPhone WordPress Plugin, this site now looks especially slick and clean for users of these devices… but looks exactly the same for everyone else. Yes, I realize the ridiculousness of creating a special version […]

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Hawaii Blog 2.0

September 26th, 2007 by Ryan Ozawa · 6 Comments · Hawaii Blog

Hawaii Blog has moved. And it’s about time. When I first launched this blog in July 2000 — truly an eon ago in Internet time — I did so almost reluctantly, apologetically, stepping into the breach of “the weblog fad” that was sweeping through the journaling community. Though it seems quaint now, at the time, […]

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