The Honolulu Flap of the Week is Governor Cayetano’s pardon of Honolulu attorney Tom Foley for a fatal DUI crash in 1995. (Tom Foley is not related to Dan Foley of same-sex marriage fame, but Dan has had a lot to say on Tom’s pardon, confusing locals to no end.) An article in the morning paper reviews past pardons by Cayetano and previous governors. I’m a firm believer that pardons are an important tool — turns out I know someone on “the list” — but I also agree with most of my fellow citizens that this pardoning of this DUI conviction was ill advised.

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  1. Eric Toulon says:

    Interesting how Tom Foley was pardoned for the “good work” he did when he was allowed out of prison to work.
    If you do a web search on “Michael James Burns, Jr. in Hawaii” and Mr. Foley they appear to have been let out of prison at identical times and circumstances.
    They also appeared to work together, where the two of them did an appraisal on Grove Farm, a large landholding on Kauai. According to court documents they also put in an offer to buy it.
    Mr. Burns also appears to have been acquainted with Governor Cayetano’s most ardent supporter Gary Baldwin, whose partner was a director at Grove Farm.

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