Now’s a good a time as any to mention the building crecendo of buzz and press over the Bay/Bruckheimer blockbuster (usually not declared until the opening weekend take is tallied, but I think this is a sure bet) “Pearl Harbor.” I don’t know why, but the previews and TV ads still make me cry. I wasn’t there, but I live here… and that war is very near and dear to my heritage and my family. Anyway.

Newsweek seems to have gotten the scoop, printing a review of the film, plus a number of other side articles, including quotes from survivors and a fluffy piece on historical accuracy and the lack thereof. (Notable, if not mentioned: the ridiculous number of Japanese planes depicted, a la “Star Wars,” and their formations; the flag-draped coffins and funerals — a peace-time ritual, begun in Reagan’s day; and the fact that the U.S. military officers ignored “more alerts than Captain Waddle” (I love that quote).)

And the Honolulu Advertiser did a couple of thorough pieces today, one outlining the grand plans for the premiere on the deck of a Navy carrier. Seems a little iffy to me, especially given the last time the Navy did something to impress civilians. Also, an interesting story (almost good enough to be wire, but actually written by a local journalist) on the non-commercial commercialization of the movie.

I still have mixed feelings, and they’re growing more negative (especially after I wandered into a Yahoo! Group about the movie to see Americans saying Japanese civilians deserved Hiroshima and illegal internment), but there’s no question I have to see it. I’m hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

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