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During the (long) drive home yesterday, I was listening as usual to Marketplace on Hawaii Public Radio. During the show, former Maine Governor Angus King called in with his regular report from the road (he and his family are touring around in a RV), this time from “Big Bend Country” in soutwestern Texas.

He kicked off his segment just gushing about the 65-degree weather. Ultimately, he emphatically declared, “This is the only area in the country that has had decent weather in the last two weeks.”

Of course, I had to send them an e-mail telling him that King’s conclusion would come as somewhat of a surprise to the million or so residents of Hawaii, where 65 degrees is considered positively chilly. I also expressed regret that he probably wouldn’t be able to drive his RV to our neck of the woods. We’ve got skies (and shores and food and…) that he’d probably faint over.

Well, except for the fact that his mission is, supposedly, to explore business in various towns across the U.S. — and on that front, even Pocatello probably has us beat.

Update: The reply from a senior producer: “Touché! Excellent point. I’ll make sure Gov. King gets to see your remarks.”

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  1. Linkmeister says:

    I am impressed. You got a personalized note? Every time I e-mail NPR I get a reply from an auto-responder.

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