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Does swapping “Freedom” for “French” defame the French, or equate the French with Freedom? And why would the French care if we took their name off a food product they have nothing to do with in the first place?  [MeFi]

How much more ridiculous can things get? How much more dense can the knee-jerk reactions to valid criticism become? (And yes, I know first-hand that malls can do whatever the hell they want.) How much louder must the chorus of criticism against Bush’s policies get before the U.S. media covers it as something more than a bunch of fringe hippies and naked women lying in the snow?

Even Bush’s Saddam-bashing daddy is verging near dissent, after all. Read the full text of the speech, wherein he jokes about an ugly pro-choice protester but also says unilateralism is not the answer.

Is it any wonder more of us look overseas for real news?

Well, there are some things worth reading, to be sure. Thanks to Vivi for linking this Mark Morford column.

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  1. pm. says:

    Sometimes it’s just really embarrasing to be an American. Geez, are “they” going to do something about French toast or French doors or even French-cut bikinis? Then there’s Bush Jr. He’s one of the biggest embarassments of all. He doesn’t realize how smart Saddam is. Saddam was able to get into the living room of every American with a TV and make the head of the USA look like a total wuss.

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