Not Insane

Man, I should’ve joined that Saddam dead pool. Soon after watching the “live” address by Saddam Hussein following the unexpected target-of-opportunity strike on an Iraqi bunker (some 26 hours ago), I posted a theory to MetaFilter that the target was Saddam himself, that he was already dead, and that the video was not only probably pre-taped, but one of a series of tapes made featuring different dates in order to give the appearance of currency.

Someone called me insane. The prospect was subsequently ignored.

But now it’s confirmed. Not only was Saddam the target of that first attack, but there is evidence of a “multiple tape” strategy.

Was the war over before it began? Is all that’s left an occupation (and a search for “WMD”)? And with the helicopter crash today, is it possible more “Coalition Forces” lives will be lost in this operation than Iraqis?

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