Who’s Next? Take the Test!

The architects of the New World Order need your help to determine which nations are ideal candidates for action under “The Bush Doctrine” of pre-emptive action and liberation by force. Please take a moment to complete this questionnaire, and submit your results to the applicable information minister.

How Does Your Leader Rate?

  1. Ascended to position under dubious circumstances?
  2. Violates or nullifies assorted international treaties, agreements, and
    conventions, and exhibits an antagonistic foreign policy?

  3. Threatens human rights with militaristic domestic policies and
    unlawful or indefinite detentions?

  4. Enacts or introduces additional policies that adversely affect the
    environment, public health, women’s rights, and social services?

  5. Advocates questionable financial strategies, such as catering to special
    interests or reckless spending (such as deficit spending in a recession),
    particularly when a large percentage of the civillian population lives in
    poverty, with limited access to education and health care?

  6. Publicly demonstrates strange behavior, or diminished mental faculties?
  7. Regularly invokes god or religion as a foundation of decision-making?
  8. Posesses weapons of mass destruction and threatens to use them?
  9. Attacks, invades, and occupies a sovereign nation-state?
  10. Heads a government known to use chemical weapons on its own people?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, chances are your nation
is in desperate need of a regime change!

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