Not Dead Yet

Lest anyone suspect that In Medias Res — the somewhat neglected heart of my little corner of cyberspace — has gone the way of the dodo, I’ve finally managed to sort out a couple of tweaks that could constitute a pulse.

I’ve had the “latest gallery images” feature working for a while, and had a bit of fun adding little buttons and other odd links. This week, I finally got a semicomplete “about the author” section up, as well as a reincarnated “reviews” department.

Now I’ve just got to get writing again.

3 Responses

  1. NemesisVex says:

    Oh goodie. Someone will finally write something from the alt-country lesson plan devised nearly six months ago. [nudge/]

  2. julie says:

    It took me awhile to figure out that you were updating your blog, though I reloaded (and still reload) IMR a few times a month in anticipation of a new post. I’m just glad to know you’re alive and well, and that you’re not /entirely/ giving up on IMR!

  3. Beth says:

    Ryan, sit down and write a damn journal entry! I mean it! Don’t make me come over there and sit over your shoulder while you update…

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