Another month, another social networking site. A latecomer to the already crowded field, Multiply.com at least learned quite a bit from those that come before, with a relatively clean, MSN-esque design, and a variety of interesting modules, from the expected photo galleries to things like classified listings and reviews (like the slick but cold Tribe.net).

Actually, the underlying concept isn’t so much building buddy lists as it is providing a kind of personal portal. Friends and family could go there to keep up with you, as you post a baby picture or a birthday party calendar item or a bike for sale.

For average folks, it sure beats having to build a full website from scratch.

In other web wandering news, you’ll note to the right that I’ve switched to the increasingly cool Flickr photo sharing service for my moblog.

Since I declared that “Buzznet sucks,” they’ve gotten only marginally better, while Flickr is positively overflowing with features, with a Pro version promised later this year that I just might spring for.

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  1. NemesisVex says:

    I’ve heard some nasty things about Multiply.com and a very bad tendency to SPAM addresses from lists that were imported from other sites. Caveat user.

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