Hawaii Podcasting?

The topic du jour at yesterday’s geek lunch was podcasting. If blogs brought publishing to the masses, rewriting the rules of journalism, podcasts are set to do the same thing to conventional radio.

Where are the Hawaii podcasters? Turns out geek lunch regular and public radio fan/critic Larry Geller is actually taking HPR’s Town Square, already posted as MP3s, and wrapping it in a feed so podcast fans can conveniently listen. But as far as original podcasters go, I only know Todd Cochrane of GeekNewsCentral, and Kailua web developer Shane Robinson (who I found only by chance through his Flickr gallery).

Why not more? No city has a shortage of wannabe deejays, for one. And Hawaii has an excess of both bored geeks and colorful material. C’mon, folks. As they say, “Make ‘A’!”

I said there should be a Hawaii Podcaster’s Association (not to be confused with these guys), but step one will probably have to be, “Explain podcasting, and how to get started.”

UPDATE: Go to HawaiiPodcasting.com.

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  1. Found your link via pubsub glad you found our Podcast Show 41 is going in the can tonight. I would love to get together with some other Geeks in town and I have a significant announcement in the weeks ahead.. Keep listening.

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