Hawaii Videoblogging?

Since I had reasonable success finding other podcasters with my Hawaii Podcasting?” post in February, I figured I’d post some Google bait to see if anyone knows of any videobloggers (or vloggers or voggers) in Hawaii. You know, people blogging, but using video files instead of text or audio files.

I’ve found lots of videobloggers who’ve filed entries from Hawaii while visiting, but only one or two random files from people who live here… and they’re not vlogs — feed-facilitated serial personal documentary, I guess I mean — so much as random video files posted on web pages.

With Ourmedia slowly coming together, with services like Eric’s Audioblog.com building in elegant video solutions, with Google getting into the act… taking videoblogging alongside text blogging and podcasting and thinking big thoughts about citizen journalism… it’s hard not to imagine we’re moving into a whole new world of media out there.

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