I suppose minivans don’t rank too high on the “romantic” scale, but as early Mother’s Day presents go, I hope a Pontiac Montana still puts a smile on Jen’s face. More than enough room for three kids, a left-side sliding door, working AC, a gutsy V6, power this and that… A good pick, I think.

To think we only wandered onto this lot to check out a cheap (and funny smelling) Nissan Quest we spotted while driving to Costco.

We’re really going to miss Maggie. She was a trooper. But three kids and a 14-year-old Ford do not a reliable transport system make. I like the new van a lot… and hope my trusty steed doesn’t get jealous when it shows up tonight.

I’m typing this from the showroom of the “Tony Complex” in Waipio, still waiting (and waiting and waiting) to be processed through The Machine™. Salesman was one Ryan Riviera, with a capable assist from Ken “Air Tugie” Anderson, a local skydiver of some repute. Time will tell if they were saviors or Satan, I guess.

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