Book Burning

Although there are many monstrous symbols of former Honolulu mayor Jeremy Harris’ devotion to waste, excess, misplaced priorities and ceaseless self-aggrandizing, few are… well, more portable than his glossy softcover book, “The Renaissance of Honolulu.”

In short, they’re not selling well. Heck, they’re not selling at all. Harris blew $108,000 on a love letter to himself that no one’s dumb enough to read, let alone pay for.

I’ve been known to say they should grind ’em up and use ’em to fill potholes, which would be fitting, since he did dumb things at the expense of basic city services.

But current City Managing Director Jeff Coelho has a better idea: burn them.

This, in fact, would make more sense to some than giving them away. Noted city councilwoman Ann Kobayashi: “We can’t hand those out… It’s embarrassing.”

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  1. Lynn Vasquez says:

    Harris and his cronies especially “Ben” will get their day in court and pay for all their sillyness in what they did!


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