Fascinating. I’ve been getting calls on my cell phone from (512) 336-9113, usually at odd hours. I finally got one this morning that I could answer, and there was a fellow speaking in stilted English asking about my RCI merchant account. I told him he had the wrong number and hung up.

On a whim I typed the number into Google, and found this LiveJournal post. A fellow named David McNett used to have that number back in 2003, and someone tracked it back to him to complain about unwanted faxes. But he wasn’t sending them.

As subsequent comments revealed, the phone number has shown up on Caller ID for all manner of nuisance calls, from domain name scams to “prescription drug” merchants to users of calling cards. Even more interestingly, most of the recipients chiming in are from Hawaii, like me.

So someone, somewhere, has been using some kind of system to target folks in Hawaii… but it’s not poor David, nor is it neccessarily even anyone in Texas, or the U.S. for that matter. But I figure I’d blog this just to help anyone else — probably local — who’s similarly getting calls from this largely untrackable phone number. If Hawaiian Telcom doesn’t have a file on this, they probably will very shortly.

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  1. Joan says:

    Our home phone has been plagued(over 200 calls)from an “unknown caller” since August 2006.On the other end of line are “beep,beep” sounds, no human or recorded voice. We reported the harrassment to HawaiiTelcom security dept. and they were able to finally trace the call. A few weeks ago the calls were traced to a server in Iowa called Qwest. Recently the security dept.was finally able to trace the “unknown calls” to a phone number but I am unable to get that information because the case was has been turned over to our local detective.But funny, a few days ago, an”unknown caller” calls again, but 512-336-9113 is showing up on caller id. When I answered it I got the same “beep,beep” sound.I called it back and it is out of service! I researched online and found a Qwest server in Austin, TExas, where the 512 call is coming from and called information to get Qwest customer service number. They verified that it was one of their phone numbers and confirmed it was out of service and told me this situation was called “caller error”. Don’t understand his explaination, but basicallly a way for telemarketers not to get caught. HawaiianTelcom told me it may also be “spoofing” (another way for telemarketers not to get caught). Our home phone has been receiving calls early in the morning(Mon-Sat.5:30am-10:00am)since Aug.31,1006. I have/am keeping a
    record. Please inform HawaiianTelcom of your call/s.I believe there is a pattern and we in Hawaii are being somehow harassed/victimized by
    telemarketers on the Mainland and I believe that Qwest the server in Iowa and Texas may be somehow involved/related to this harassment.

  2. Ari says:

    Yeah. I just got a call from these people on my work phone (again!). Jerks!

  3. idaten says:

    Us, too. We start getting the call from same number. It started from this 3:40am morning. It rang twice and the 3rd call was on 11:26am. On caller ID it shows the number (512)336-9113 and the name is “ICI”. I try to call back this number but it saids “out of service.”
    I try to call the Hawaiian tellcom, but it was already out of business hour.
    What should I do about this?

  4. sj says:

    I just got that ID on my cell phone this morning. How interesting. I guess there still up to no good! 03/10/07

  5. Ed says:

    Check this URL www2.hawaii.edu/~xji/image/New%20Folder/Tongji%20Alumi.xls I don’t know who or what it is but it has an Excel listing of some sort which includes the 512-336-9113 number, showing a foreign name (note that this list originates in the UH system)and a school name of Virginia Tech.

    For anyone, I filed a complaint with the “Do Not Call Registry” run by the Federal Government. You may want to try this out…I just got a call today & put the number on the Registry…we’ll see if I get any more calls.

  6. Tony says:

    I just received a phone call from this number 512-336-9113 few minutes ago. I didnt pick up my cellphone because I didnt recognize the number in the caller id.
    Then I search on the internet and find your blog.

    Two day ago I received 2 strange calls with different phone number from Rhode Island 401-314-3522. I found on the internet that number also came from telemarketer.

    I believe all these calls from the same guy. This is really annoying. I bet this guys is going to use another phone number to call my cellphone again. Btw, I live in hawaii.

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