LOST Seminar

Once again, there will be a special session on “LOST” as part of this year’s fall Hawaii International Film Festival:

Television as the New Cinema

With diminishing returns at the U.S. box-office for past few years, flooded by one lousy packaged TV remake after another, and the disintegration of theater etiquette, movie-going is no longer the event that it used to be (with the exception of attending LVHIFF of course). Television, on the other hand, is reaping in a Renaissance of creative synergy, expanded budgets, vacillation of TV and film celebrities, and the advent of Tivo and skyrocketing DVD box set sales. LOST is the benchmark of appointment television – a visceral, big budget, and expansive mythology that reaches beyond conventional distribution. With the LOST EXPERIENCE on the internet, fan websites, books such as the BAD TWIN, and advertisements perpetuating the LOST mythos in the form of the Hanso Foundation, this groundbreaking television show rivals any Hollywood so-called blockbuster. This panel, made up of producers and cast from the show, will give insight on how television is the new creative medium, and how breaking conventions attracts millions of fans from around the world.

Jen and I attended the “LOST” session last year, and had a blast. The recording I made is still popular with fans, so I’m hoping to again share the love.

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