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My total infatuation with Google Reader continues. I’ve spread the word at Bytemarks and at HawaiiThreads.com, and have converted a few skeptics as well as total newbies to newsreaders. Having shared how I now keep up with a gazillion or so websites, though, I’ve also been inspired to share what I’m reading.

Especially when you’re new to RSS aggregators, finding a good “starter set” of site subscriptions can be a daunting task. So I’ve decided to publish, and periodically update, a couple of my feedsets for anyone who might want a decent (at least in my personal opinion) collection to complement their own.

The first is my “Hawaii Politics & Issues” feedset… a healthy mix of local politics, current events, and other island issues. From polished newspaper columns to personal rants, from Hawaii-focused blogs to sites with a more eclectic mix of topics and thoughts, this collection should help you keep on top of the latest hot topics in the islands. Not every source will be to your liking (and if there’s a site you think should be included, drop me a line!), but this bunch should get you going. You can, of course, add and remove feeds with ease.

To add it to Google Reader (or any OPML-capable newsreader), just right-click the link and save it to your machine. Then, import the subscription list in Google Reader (or, again, the newsreader of your choice — a lot of folks are partial to Bloglines and Newsgator).

As of the last update, “Hawaii Politics & Issues” includes the following blogs and sites:

Special thanks to Doug White of Poinography.com for the inspiration, and the local political wonks at HawaiiThreads.com for site suggestions.

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