Voters, Listen Up!

Perfect timing. On the heels of my post on mapping tools for politics, a fellow podcaster wrote to let me know that he’s assembled a special “Voter and Election Information” edition of his “Searching the Internet” show. Edward Vawter, with whom I was able to meet when he visited Hawaii in December, recommends several online resources designed to keep voters informed. There’s also an enhanced version with convenient chapter marks and links.

“I went through many sites before settling on the ones I decided to include,” he says. “All the sites reviewed are non-partisan and give unbiased information about the candidates and issues.”

Vawter, whose specialty is covering the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries, notes that the election edition of “Searching the Internet” is a bit of a departure for him. “It’s just that I feel this is very important and wanted to contribute something to the podcasting community,” he explains. “I feel voting is the most important duty of any American and I hope this episode helps people make informed decisions at the polls on Nov. 7.”

If you don’t have the time to read about these websites, why not hear about them?

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