Look, Ma, No iPod

The top gripe podcasters and even podcast listeners have is the misconception that you need an iPod to listen to them. Podcasts can be played from almost any portable media player, as well as from your computer.

Well, a new service called Podlinez makes it even easier to tune into a podcast. Just dial a number from any phone, and listen.

The service is the very model of simplicity. Each show gets a phone number. The number for HawaiiUP is (415) 376-7246. Todd Cochrane’s Geek News Central Podcast is (510) 495-6318.

With services like j2.com and k7.net giving away fax and voicemail numbers like candy, it figures that someone came up with a service like Podlinez. Presumably, they’ll eventually sell and insert ads before a podcast plays, and get filthy rich.

Podcasts without a player, or a ‘puter. What will they think of next?

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