One in a Million

Congratulations to long-time Hawaii blogger Ian Lind for logging his millionth visitor today. (When I checked in, I was logged as visitor number 1,000,050.) As Ian himself notes, the true number of visitors likely surpasses a million a year. But he’s had that old-school GIF counter from on his site since 1999.

Ian is one of Hawaii’s most famous (or infamous) bloggers. He “made waves” by blogging the possible shutdown of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. The newspaper survived, but his employment there did not. Fortunately, he’s not stopped writing, working as a freelance writer and researcher. His blog remains a must-read resource for anyone in the local news biz.

I was especially thrilled to see him finally move over to WordPress in May. I can appreciate the joy of a hand-coded website, but the upgrade gave his readers RSS feeds and comments, and spared him the hassles of posting, linking, and archiving manually. As a result, he occasionally posts more than just once a day. Sometimes that just means more cat photos, but sometimes it means a hot scoop.

Crossing the threshold into seven figures is a noteworthy milestone. I hope Ian enjoys the extra glass of wine that he promised himself. [via Poinography]

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