Hawaii residents are being bombarded with telemarketing calls from 202-552-1332. If you see the number on your caller ID, just ignore it.

The number has already been posted to several nuisance number sites, including WhoCallsMe, whocalled.us, and 800Notes. The scoundrels appear to be targeting anyone, anywhere, with reports filed from Texas, Maryland, California, and Washington D.C. Common complaints include calls to numbers registered with the government’s Do Not Call registry, calls to cell phones (and even VOIP numbers), and an inability to navigate their system to reach a human being to yell at.

Last year I blogged my own nuisance number, 512-336-9113, and still periodically get grumpy comments from folks getting calls from it.

I’ll close with a friendly reminder for folks who registered with the Do Not Call list when it first came out in 2003. Be sure to renew your registration soon. Yes, by design, your registration expires after five years … and for many folks, that dreadful date will come next year. You can bet numbers dropped from the list will be the most popular numbers to cold call.

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