Malia Mattoch Pens Book on Isle Design

Malia Mattoch-McManus, known for her on-screen talents as a news anchor and reporter, has just written a new book on Hawaii’s distinct architecture and interior design.

After working in journalism for ten years, with stints at Pacific Business News and KHON as well as television stations in California, she left the newsroom in 2002 to pursue other passions. “To write books is my dream,” she said.

The Hawaiian House Now” is the realization of that dream, created with local photographer and artist Linny Morris:

From dramatic oceanfront homes to old cottages full of memories, Hawaiian houses combine architecture and location to create a sense of relaxation. As people from all over the world (Polynesians, New England missionaries, East and Southeast Asians) have put down roots in the islands, they have combined international motifs with a more traditional Hawaiian ambiance—to produce an informally eclectic style that is perfectly suited to contemporary lifestyles.

The Hawaiian House Now takes the reader on a tour of 21 specially photographed homes throughout the islands of Oahu, Hawaii (the Big Island), Maui, and Kauai, including houses that update the “aloha spirit” of traditional Hawaii; town houses in Honolulu; country houses; fantasy houses that express a personal vision; houses that blend the indoors and outdoors; original architectural statements; and, of course, beach houses.

The 192-page hardcover book, published by HNA, Inc., has a cover price of $40, but is of course available for considerably less from

Even though she’s broken into the book world, Mattoch-McManus hasn’t been hiding from the camera. She was last spotted a year ago as the new host of Oceanic’s original lifetime series, “Entertaining in Paradise.”

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  1. leigh says:

    i was so excited when i found this book on amazon yesterday! it’s so good to see more attention being paid to hawaiian style in the design world.

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