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A smattering of “LOST” notes for the week, all from more fortunate friends. From Darcy, news of a location shoot at the old Honolulu Brewing Co. building on Queen Street, last seen in a flashback for the late, great Charlie Pace. From Nurse Ariel, news of a military camp of some kind set up on the slopes of Diamond Head, with soldiers made to do sit-ups in the mud (courtesy industrial water trucks). And from Sir Terse, tantalizing reports of several days’ worth of shooting at the Others’ camp out at the YMCA’s Camp Erdman, with several actors sighted — some we’ve never seen in Othersville, and some we’ve not seen anywhere in a long time.

Meanwhile, in the real world, a happy report from Christa, fresh from the Hawaii International Film Festival launch event at the Halekulani. Daniel Dae Kim was there, as he’ll be serving as one of the festival’s documentary jurors, and Christa confirmed from the scene that he is still handsome and cool as hell.

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  1. cw says:

    …and REMEMBERED me! i wanted to die. DIE!

    ryan send me an address to send some tix!

  1. October 20, 2007

    […] Ryan di Hawaii Blog riporta quanto […]

  2. February 29, 2008

    […] The scenes in the military camp were filmed on the slopes of Diamond Head. [2] […]

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