Flickr Friday in Manoa

Flickr Friday

The monthly midday meetup of Flickr users moves to Manoa this month, as local shutterbugs convene for food, folks, and framing at Thai Sweet Basil in Manoa Marketplace (2756 Woodlawn Drive). Easily a dozen geek-leaning photographers will once again draw funny looks and concerned study as they form a smiling swarm of silly and suspicious characters.

Catch up on the chatter about the Nov. 16 gathering at the Hawaii Flickr Meetup group, and RSVP for the event at Flickr’s sister site, Yahoo! Upcoming.

2 Responses

  1. Susan J. says:

    Aloha, and thanks for sharing these links! I am a huge flickr fan and I’ve added your blog to my blogroll. I’d love to add you as a flickr contact, too, if I knew your user name. Mine is Go Card USA.

  2. Fun times….

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