LOST in the Big Apple


SPOILER ALERT! From Fiji to New York City, it’s been a busy week for “LOST.” The production returned to Chapin Lane (which previously played Bangkok in a Jack flashback) and the area around Mark’s Garage to recreate the Big Apple. Streets were lit up with the Christmas spirit, and people bundled up for the imaginary winter cold. The omnipresent green newsstand was also standing by. A narrow alley, a busy street, a New York Yellow Cab. What could possibly happen here?




See the full set of photos here.

As it turns out, the “where” and “what” weren’t the half of it. It’s the “who” that’s the real surprise. Over the course of the evening, I and another “LOST” fan who lived in the apartment building across the street spotted a veritable parade of familiar faces. Harold Perrineau seemed to be the center of attention, which is hardly a surprise since we’ve seen him in Manhattan. Indeed, his clean cut look suggests that this is a flashback. But who should he meet in a narrow alley, but one M.C. Gainey. And it’s not a friendly encounter, either, involving a gun, and a fistfight. The sounds of the confrontation echo down Honolulu streets.

Christmas lights are strung everywhere. Smoke machines blanket the ground with white fog. Lights and camera cranes are brought in, as older cars are fitted with New York plates.  And what’s this? A car crash?

For a location shoot that may be among the last filmed in 2007 given the writers’ strike, this one looks like a doozy.

12 Responses

  1. MZY says:

    Michael and Tom?!?! New York City?!?

    Flash-Back or Flash-Forward. Im thinking FF, this could be the big twist/cliff hanger in episode 8.

  2. That is interesting. It will be fun to see how it turns out.

  3. MZY says:

    Ok … i am a compelete dumbass, Tom is dead. So its not FF -_______-

  4. cw says:

    tom is DEAD!!! wait… who’s tom?

    man. if anyone wants to lend me season 3 i’d be so hyped! lol..

  5. exer_505 says:

    I imagine it’s a flashback that took place during Season 3, after Micheal escaped the island. He might’ve said something and Tom might just have been sent to shut him up. That’s MY theory at least.

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