“LOST” in a Square

LOSTSPOILER ALERT! Turns out the work day wasn’t over for the “LOST” production crew after yesterday’s snowy street scene.  After sundown, they turned up at Bishop Museum, where the show had recreated yet another Russian locale.  According to my friend Jeff, a museum employee, both Naveen Andrews and Michael Emerson were on hand.

He said they were in Red Square, and that fake snow was sprayed on the side of Hawaiian Hall and on cars parked along the lane.  Interestingly, this same path previously served as the London waterfront in Season 3 (“Flashes Before Your Eyes”).

There was a street scene, and another scene filmed in an adjacent courtyard.  Shooting wrapped after 10 p.m., but fortunately much of the set was still intact this wet, stormy morning.  I was able to snap a few photos in between downpours.

Once again, I contacted Howard Hsu, whose coworker translated the “Oldham Pharmaceuticals” sign yesterday.

There was a tall, vertical marquee mounted to the side of Hawaii Hall that read “bakery.” This was the largest and, according to our expert, the most authentic looking sign yet.  On the ground, a small blue sign that read “Red Square” — though apparently one of the smaller characters wasn’t quite right.


Finally, in two places above the aforementioned courtyard, cryptic signs that apparently read “VRESO.” Which wasn’t recognizable as a word, and may be a name or acronym.  Whatever this place is, it was where most of the action happened.


The street number? Why, 42 of course.

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  1. anna_in_indiana says:

    so…if they’re filming in “russia” this far into the season…do they keep flashing back to events during the three years before the return to the island? or are sayid and ben (or i guess just sayid) coming and going from the island whenever they want?
    were the two guys at penny’s antarctic listening station russian? besides them and mikhail, i can’t think of any other connections to russia. maybe mikhail’s not really dead; maybe he “reset” too, and is in russia, and they have to find him….

  2. Aloha 'Aina says:

    How many Russian buildings are made out of coral? Makes you wonder…

  3. Jeff Ruddy says:

    Was a great experience to see what a big production it is to shoot the scenes. So many people involved. And setting up (adding props) to create the look they want. BTW Hawaiian Hall is made from hewn lava blocks.


  4. Roman says:

    Hi! I’m from Russia and I’m a huge Lost fan. So, there is a mistake in the Red Square sign.

  5. BJL1974 says:

    If you want to see the mistake in the Red Square sign for yourself, compare it to this picture.


  6. sofia says:

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  7. Merzmensch says:

    Very intersting! Russian sign ВРИСО is actually “VRISO” (not “VRESO”). Just in case it were an acronym – every letter is relevant ;-)

  1. December 14, 2008

    […] I got an email from Howard Hsu, whose coworker helped translate the Russian signs downtown and at Bishop Museum. As it turns out, he had taken the KOS Tour up at Kualoa just last week, and was able to snap a […]

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