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As I blogged almost a month ago, local tech and engineering firm Oceanit was trying its hand at iPhone development with iFu Kung Fu. The whimsical application was the brainchild of Russel Cheng, who gave the public its first look (or listen, at least) on Bytemarks Cafe.

At the time, Russel figured iFu Kung Fu would be available in about a week. But there were, in fact, more tweaks to be made to the application, and a longer delay than expected getting through Apple’s App Store approval process.

But as of yesterday, iFu Kung Fu is now available in the iTunes App Store (iTunes link). It’s fun, and it’s free.

To coincide with the release, Russel posted a couple of videos to YouTube. The above is a basic demonstration of the app in action. But there’s a second, longer video that takes iFu Kung Fu out into the street. On to Fort Street Mall, to be exact. Watch as innocent passers-by recoil in awe at the demonstration of martial arts prowess.

Or not.

I have to say, I particularly enjoyed the disclaimer built into the app:

This application is not useful for anything. It’s not fit for any purpose other than entertainment and for your amusement. We are not liable if you smack into someone or something or drop your mobile device so don’t blame us.

And scrolling credits acknowledge Oceanit “Big Boss” Patrick Sullivan, “Dragon Slayer” David Takeyama, “Tenacious Superior Eyes” Todd Blume, “Rising Grasshopper” Robert Lee, “High Flying Kick-Starter” Michelle Kostron, “Lion Tooth Roar Maker” Shu Ki Tsang, “Incredible Brazen Blade” John Kuriyama, and “Scented Nimble Blade” Judi Morris. Russel is, of course, the “Kung Fu Master.”

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  1. Russel Cheng says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for the support. Happy iFu!


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