Bookmarks for January 18th

When I’m not blogging, I’m browsing. Here are sites and pages that I bookmarked on January 18th:

  • Real Geeks Ride: Starting May 20th 2009, we will bike 3000+ miles across the USA to make a point. Our goal is to persuade 1,000 geeks to bike to work instead of driving. Join us on the adventure!
  • Finding Local Angles at Obama Inauguration: While countless media outlets worldwide are treating Barack Obama’s inauguration as a global news event, dozens of stations are hustling to find their own local flavor in Washington. For outlets in Chicago and Honolulu, it’s about a local kid done good.
  • The Man Who Makes Sense of ‘Lost’: A co-producer and the show’s longtime script coordinator, Gregg Nations has become the keeper of what has been found on “Lost.”
  • ‘Lost’ returns: Ever since the characters of “Lost” were first stranded on that crazy tropical island, with its monsters, mad scientists and mercenaries, Hawai’i actors vying for roles on the hit drama have known it was harder to get onto the island than to escape it.

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