Photo Fusion Workshop on Sept. 24

Vu BuiRenown digital photographer and videographer Vu Bui (of The Bui Brothers) is returning to Honolulu as part of a “photo fusionmini-tour. He’s going to be spending a week on OÊ»ahu shooting photos and videos to teach people what they can accomplish with the most basic gear. And the kickoff event is an entry-level new media workshop on Thursday, Sept. 24.

Fusion” is an emerging term to describe the emergence of video features in more and more digital cameras, and how photographers are increasingly able to capture great moving and still images (and creating “photo fusion videos“).

The workshop will begin at 2 p.m. with an indoor class at ING Direct in Waikiki, but move outdoors and run past sunset with hands-on practice with various, basic gear.

“The in-class stuff will cover my photo editing workflow, my video editing workflow, and a bunch of information about video editing, music and hosting,” Vu writes. “The outdoor time will be spent shooting our model [Tracie Cotta] in various lighting situations so that I can teach people about both natural, mixed and purely artificial lighting situations.”

Specifically, Vu plans to cover:

  • Photo editing workflow.
  • Basic video editing software (Apple iMovie).
  • Video editing techniques.
  • How to create simple music for your videos (Apple Garage Band).
  • How and where to find legal free music online.
  • How to publish your content online.

In April, Vu led an impromptu session on natural lighting with several local Flickr users. On this trip, sponsored in part by SmugMug, he wants to “go all out and cover everything I think is necessary.”

Space is limited, as Vu wants to keep the group “reasonably small and intimate.” You can register for the workshop online (paying via PayPal or Google Checkout).

The cost is $35, but because he wants to attract some of the tech-savvy crowd, he’s sent me a discount code to save $5 off the registration fee. Just enter “MANOAGEEK” and update your shopping cart before proceeding.

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