Hawaii Newspaper Archives Go Online

The archives of three newspapers documenting Hawaii’s 19th century history have been posted online by the Library of Congress, digitized and converted into searchable text via OCR through the participation of the UH Mānoa Library.

The archives are available via the “Chronicling America” website, and come from:

According to UH, The Daily Herald and The Hawaiian Gazette issues uploaded to date represent a conservative, pro-American editorial viewpoint, and The Independent represents a strongly nationalistic Hawaiian viewpoint. The library is continuing to digitize additional publications, and will be adding to the online archive each quarter.

As of December of 2009, “Chronicling America” offers free searchable online access to 1.7 million pages from 212 newspaper titles published between 1880 and 1922.

3 Responses

  1. Due West says:

    I have only been to Hawaii one time, July, 1975, and being a tourist we didn’t read the Paper, watch TV or listen too the radio. I wasn’t until we were on the flight back to Dallas that I noticed there had been an eruption on, July 4 1975, Big Island, near where we stayed in Kona after landing in Hilo and taking the Bus Tour across the Island. I do believe I also read Mt St Helens had had some activity, but no flow, first in over a 100 years. I have lookd for evidence this did happen on these dates, but have found nothing. Do you think you couls provide this information or direct me as too where I could find it. Thanks Due West (my real name)

  2. Givens says:

    Mahalo for the post! I was trying to find, The Hawaiian Gazette. Thanks to your post I found the link plus two other Hawaii Newspapers!!


  3. Colin Gardner says:

    I am looking for a Hawaiian based newspaper that did report …a downed map fighter was located in about 2011. But was shot down 7Dec 194 . He was at Pearl Harbor with Map planes flying so close that my borother could see what kind of helmet the map pilot had on.. ..He had a rifle with tracer bullets in it.. Can you help in researching and ..showing the U S Park Service

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