Vinh’s Fruit Stand

This is Vinh. She lives on our street in Mililani.

Her house on the corner is surrounded by fruit trees. For months now, we’ve seen her set up a small sidewalk stand to sell fruits, with a handmade sign, a scale, and an extension cord-powered light. She’ll often sit outside from dusk to 10:00 p.m. Once in a blue moon, I’ll see someone stop, but for the most part she’s out in the dark by herself for hours.

Struck by this scene, I finally went over to say hello.

I learned her name, and that right now she’s selling star apples and longan fruits. She offered samples, the longan being softer and sweeter. I bought a couple.

She said she is 68, and that she suffered a stroke and is recovering. She said staying inside made her depressed. She said she likes being outside and watching people and meeting people. She likes our neighborhood. She doesn’t like the rain.

I’m glad I went over to meet her. I’ll be sure to check on her now and then, and buy more fruit. I think lychee will be in season soon.

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