I guess before my general disdain for the weblog fad solidifies, I should at least give it a good turn. More than a few of the ‘blogs I’ve stumbled into had “I hate these things, really” opening entries, but clearly something sucked them in. What’s the appeal? We’ll see.

The WifeUnit, after some prodding from her Anti-Tubby Hubby, is auctioning off our set of Teletubbies videos. If someone ends up paying more than $5 each, I’m going to feel mighty guilty. They are used.

Speaking of my darling Jen, I’ve turned her into a guinea pig as well as an excuse to indulge my geekly aspirations by upgrading her journal to run off a simple but elegant CGI script. (Thanks, Steve!) Now she can rant away without depending on me to throw in the HTML and upload it… which may or may not be a bad thing. Of course now that I figured it out, I’m on an evangelical rampage again, trying to get some friends to pick up the escribitionist bug. “See? All automated! C’mon, expose your life for the world to see!”

Hmm. That’s a whole paragraph already. I should be saving this energy for the actual journal. (’blog infections have also been known to kill off web diaries.)

Well, maybe this is the place to get all meta (in the web diary sense, not the physics sense), ’cause I hate that stuff in my journal. I can link to other great journals and bizarre sites and write in incomplete sentences and not feel bad.

Yeah. That’s it. But who knows how long it’ll last. Jen’s miffed that I’ve already somewhat lost my affinity for Epinions.Com, after all.

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  1. January 1, 2015

    […] simple list of posts. It took me six years to even warm up to this newfangled thing called blogging back in July 2000, so of course I still preferred the way blogs used to […]

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