Reviews & Testimonials

Who is Ryan Ozawa? Here is how some others have answered that question over the years:

Ryan is a wizard when it comes to community, Hawaii, PR and many more skills. He most recently helped my company, Hawaiiverse, with creating and releasing our first press release. The way he took what we had and turned it into a professional work of art was amazing! Ryan selflessly supports Hawaii’s tech community and we’re more than lucky to have him. I highly recommend Ryan, if you get the honor to collaborate with him.
Jared Kushi (2020)

Ryan Ozawa continues to be a gift to the Hawaii Technology world as a whole and to me specifically. I had a critical issue with my website not functioning with an upcoming Shark Tank event impending and in need of getting it operational and including a SpaceX critical press release. Ryan calmly volunteered his expertise and creatively and seamlessly solved my problem. He has been a bedrock of the technology community for decades and this most recent example reminds me why he is a such a critical part of this and any community. Anyone that works with Ryan should be honored to have such a brilliant and creative talent on board!
Dr. Robert Yonover (2020)

One of Hawaii’s all-time community technology leaders.
Integrated Security Technologies (2020)

Ryan is one of the most soulful, giving and kind people we’re privileged to know, the type of person who defines “family man.”
Beth-Ann Kozlovich (2020)

Ryan is a true community asset, and has been so for well over 20 years.
Susan Jaworowski, Ph.D. (2020)

Ryan is truly the real-deal down-to-earth data guru of Honolulu.
Paul Klink (2020)

Ryan Ozawa is the Master Jedi guy who helped me build the ‘What School Could Be in Hawaii’ podcast. I have had several great teachers in my life, among them my daughter, my wife, certain colleagues in education, several former teachers and a couple dear friends. Ryan now ranks at the top of my personal list of great teachers in my life. Ryan has patiently, carefully, gracefully played the progressive teacher role of guide on the side, mentor, coach, sponsor and cheerleader. Never the sage-on-the-stage, he merely pointed me in the direction I already wanted to go. From that day back in the summer when we white-boarded the podcast’s schematics at Hālau ‘Īnana, to the upload of the first MP3 to Blubrry, he has been gently encouraging my passion and willingness to enter into a steep learning curve. So, thank you Master Jedi.
Josh Reppun, (2019)

Ryan is the most knowledgeable social media expert in Hawaii and I’m sure he can hold his own against many social media practitioners in national digital agencies. I’ve known Ryan since high school and he has an amazing knack of always knowing what technological innovation is about to transition from niche to mainstream. He was a sysop for a BBS, wrote a blog and podcasted when they were at the cusp of their tipping point of being buzzwords. Most importantly, he is able to educate and entertain audiences when he’s discussing technology to experts and beginners. Any organization that has him should count themselves as extremely lucky in being able to utilize his expertise and gaining a very humble individual who’s an invaluable team member.
Wayne Y. Akiyama (2016)

Ryan Ozawa is an extraordinary person, and possibly one of the most influential people in the State of Hawaii. Professionalism coupled with passion for his work and a contagious personality. He is extremely knowledgeable about current events in Hawaii, especially in the science and technology field. If Hawaii has a pulse, he has his finger on it. He also has a genuine interest in people that becomes apparent the moment you meet him. It was both a pleasure and honor to meet him, and he has my highest recommendation.
Jamie Winpenny, The Hawaii Independent (2010)

Ryan Ozawa may well be the most influential social media maven in Hawaii… He has spawned myriad internet-based enterprises — communities that have been embraced by people all over the world.
Minn Tunn (2015)

Ryan is a passionate person with a heart of gold. His interest in people, their stories – the human spirit that drives them—that’s all Ryan being Ryan; no need for professional or convoluted explanations This passion is brought to life in everything he does, including the details of setting up work assignments, giving instructions to staff and of course the stories that end up being published. What happens when Ryan works is that you end up loving the people he writes about as well as Ryan the storyteller.
Ruth Shiroma Foster (2015)

Ryan is a pleasure to work with, and is an confident self starter. His interests and talents are broad, and he is an accomplished communicator, and a great co-worker. Ryan works hard, and is a great asset to any organization.
Ruth Shiroma Foster (2015)

“Ryan Ozawa is a pioneer in new media in Hawaii. His blogs have been centers of information and conversation for years and appeal to a wide audience.”
Larry Geller, Disappeared News (2010)

“Ryan Ozawa is the founding father of the Honolulu Twitterverse. He was Twittering before most of us even knew what Twitter was.”
Kawehi Haug, Honolulu Advertiser (2009)

“He’s The Man! If you don’t know Ryan Ozawa, he’s a prolific blogger and intense user who has been leading the way in putting social media to use.”
Ian Lind, (2009)

“He’s Hawaii’s ‘ubergeek,’ putting Hawaii on the map and keeping people up to date with the local scene and the latest tech.”
Aaron Dragushan, Wondermill (2008)

“Ryan is a true professional and knowledgeable of how to develop relationships using technology.”
David Kane, Argosy University (2008)

“Ryan Ozawa, the community leader and early technology adopter.”
Jeremiah Owyang, Forrester Research (2008)

Ryan is my Obi Wan Kenobi… Hawaii’s most notable geek.”
L.P. “Neenz” Faleafine (2008)

“Ryan Ozawa is to Hawaii’s online presence what piping hot lava is to Hawaii. He made all of it. Ryan is the internet.”
Christa Wittmier, Honolulu Nightlife Diaries (2007)

“The local blog godfather.”
Doug White, Poinography (2006)

“Ryan Ozawa is for all intents and purposes the godfather of social networking in Hawaii.”
Burt Lum, Bytemarks (2005)

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