Though I hate to eliminate the last remaining shred of a possibility that I might be a humble man, I just have to say I think I really outdid myself with my latest crazy web project: HawaiiStories.

In short, it’s a community weblog. Ideally, it’ll really bring together the many escribitionists with Hawaii ties for talkstory, debate, advice… (Yes, I’ll be quietly issuing invitations to the multitude of cool folks listed on the IsleTies ‘burb page.) In addition to being a repository for the random thought, though, I’m hoping to also host journalers and bloggers — either folks who are presently suffering through the indignity of services like Diaryland, or who just aren’t online at all.

I’m glad it’s finally running (sure it’s just getting started, but hey, my wife has already posted!) — I finally might be able to allow myself to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. It’s just so satisfying, after much mental anguish (learning Movable Type from scratch, then deciding early on I wanted to use all the advanced features like categories, too), to say, “I built it.”

But, will they come? I hope so.

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