Simply Apalling

I agree with my wife in thinking the anti-Democratic automated telemarketing effort hitting Honolulu is terrible, and in Jen’s case, definitely backfired. (Although local reports have the Hawaii Republican Party disavowing any involvement, even suggesting the attack calls secretly being arranged by the Dems.) And that the negative campaigning is reaching new lows.

It’s politics as usual, I suppose. But some things still shock and disgust me. The Democrats of Hawaii are running a print advertisement that shows just how desperate the people in power are to hold on to that power: a photo of Matt Matsunaga and Mazie Hirono (the “M&M Duo”), smiling in the shadow of the esteemed late U.S. Senator and decorated war hero Spark Matsunaga and the recently departed Patsy Mink.

Capitalizing on the dead? Trying to point to figures from a time far back in Hawaii’s moderately prosperous past in the hopes that people will forget the last few decades of the “Democratic Legacy of Leadership”? No thank you.

I voted straight Democrat (Carol Fukunaga over Casey Choi, despite her tacky last-minute attack mailer, Rep. Brian Schatz over William P. Hols, etc.), except in the race for governor. The merits of Linda Lingle’s record might be a matter of debate, but at least she has a record.

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