I know an update to IMR is long overdue, but as I get settled in my new job, I come home more interested in sleep than anything else. (Once again having to deal with rush-hour traffic twice a day isn’t helping much, either.) I do like it a lot so far, to be sure… it’s just taking some adjusting.

But while there’s a lot to report, I just had to post something about an accident that happened on our street last night.

I heard the car come roaring up the street, and sitting on the couch I was basically counting down in my head, anticipating disaster when it got to the ridiculous “roundabout” traffic calming thing a block away. Sure enough, there was a long skid, several loud thumps, and finally a gut-wrenching crunch. Buildings and homes all around us emptied, as it sounded like an especially messy wreck.

As it turns out, while the car allegedly got airborne and came very close to flipping, it just hit the side of a building. Airbags deployed, and the driver and his passenger stumbled out mostly unhurt. (The passenger, witnesses said, emerged screaming at and throwing things at the driver… who was ultimately taken away by police.) The crash, in short, sounded a lot worse than it looked.

But just as I was starting to feel really silly about wandering out to get a look at the scene myself – telling a smirking Jen that it’s a fine line between rubbernecker and journalist – who else should I spot prowling around but Dick Allgire (of KITV). He was holding a camera, asking questions, trying to find the driver. “It sure sounded like it could’ve been a story,” he said at one point.

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