Virtual Space

inmediasresJust got a note from my webhost, informing me I’m again nearing my 1GB storage limit (independent of my bandwidth use, which is always obnoxiously high). So, time for some spring cleaning. A painful exercise, but fortunately one I have so far been able to concentrate on forgotten backups and neglected mail dumps.

As a geekly exercise, I did a little UNIX ‘du’ to see what was taking up all that space. More for my reference than anyone’s entertainment, the top ten are (369MB, mostly the gallery), (225MB), (171MB), (34MB), (31MB), (21MB, nearly all of it offline), (18MB), (12MB), (7MB), and the archives of the old (3MB). Three dozen other domains and subdirectories make up the last 22MB.

Not surprisingly, the lion’s share of space (and, therefore, expense) goes to online projects driven purely by various personal obsessions. The Punahou alumni site, number seven on the list, is the first one you’ll hit for which I collected any money… and that project, like most I do, was at a ridiculous discount. This, ladies and gentleman, is why I’ll never be an independent entrepreneur.

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