Weird. Thanks to some partnership between Alexa and Amazon.com, this website has an ASIN, or an Amazon.com product number. Wanna write a review for B0000DK1XM? There are also listings for HawaiiStories (B0001CYQWU), HawaiiNews.com (B0000A3AHL), and Diarist.net (B00006BGKI).

It’s been a while since I’ve played with Alexa. I used to check my “Traffic Rank” religiously… until I realized how small a sample they were polling.

Where are things today? Diarist.net ranks 249,366th, HawaiiStories ranks 516,739th, HawaiiNews.com ranks 640,053th, and my little home on the web Lightfantastic.org ranks a spectacular 1,996,125th. Hmph. Well, out of the 4,285,199,774 pages indexed by Google… these are certainly some of them.

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