Red, Blue, Yellow?

As the parent of three small children, two of whom are big fans, there’s no need to guess whether nautical nonsense is on our agenda for this weekend.

For the most part, limiting your theater-going experiences to cartoons and kiddie flicks is a painful parenting reality. But I’m not dreading this one. Especially after the hilarious review the New York Times gave it today:

“In the wake of the recent election, there’s been some talk of healing, but until today no single figure has emerged with the capacity to repair the deep fissures in the body politic. We are so hung up on blue states and red states that our only hope may lie in the primary color that has been left off the map. We need something – or someone – yellow, and also absorbent and porous enough to soak up the ill will and scrub away the lingering bad feelings. Now more than ever, the country needs SpongeBob SquarePants…”

A fun interview with Tom Kenny on NPR earlier this week also got me looking forward to the movie. I wonder how many kid-less adults will be at the megaplex for this one?

By the by, we saw “The Incredibles” last weekend (Alex was an angel!), and enjoyed it quite a bit, too.

I’d promise reviews, but… you know how that’s going to go already.

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