At the risk of turning this blog into FlixFilter, I have to mention this bit of synchronicity:

At an eGullet lunch at Helena’s Hawaiian Food earlier this week, we were talking about Netflix. I mentioned that we were trying to get back into movie watching… and I also noted that the postal turnaround time for the DVDs seemed to have gotten very fast. As in, from our Mililani residence to Netflix the very next day. Presuming the disks were going to somewhere in California, I figured they’d just gotten really good at inventory management or something.

Well, Jen noticed that yesterday’s Star-Bulletin featured an article on Netflix, and it reported matter-of-factly, “Hawaii residents are serviced by a shipping center located on Oahu.”

News to me! But apparently, it’s been operating for a while.

Very cool. The value of the service, to me, just increased exponentially. Waiting three days for stuff to come and go from California wasn’t bad, but now, it is honestly and truly easier to use Netflix than even the video store down the street.

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