Too many feeds! A most thoughtful blogger recently asked — perhaps just to be polite — where she might find my “blog feed” so she could catch my updates in a news aggregator. It occurred to me, however, that I didn’t know if she meant this weblog (usually geek stuff like this or links to other sites), or the overarching online journal. And of course my sprawling site also has a moblog and a review section, too. Each is, essentially, a separate blog, but my personal site is really everything, coagulated in one hypertext mess.

Movable Type plugin MultiBlog to the rescue. It allowed me to pull together all the different flavors of fun I post online into a single web syndication feed. Of course, one side effect is that there’s now a dummy blog running on the site, but now, if you point your news aggregator there (or directly at the RSS or Atom feed), you only need to track one source instead of four.

By the way, because all of this is too much me as it is, I’ve mercifully left out the podcast. Since that’s a WordPress site, MultiBlog wouldn’t work with it anyway.

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