Macs and Microsoft

With the flurry of news surrounding Apple’s “Boot Camp” release, which allows a Mac to run Microsoft Windows, a lot of folks (myself included) are wondering what it all means for where Macs sit in a Microsoft world. There’s always a lingering insecurity that Bill might someday feel it isn’t worth it to support Steve’s hardware.

Well, Microsoft employee David Weiss works in the company’s Mac Business Unit. And he posted a wonderful tour of Microsoft’s Mac Lab. (He also answers some of the questions posted in the tour comments.) The wall of 150 Mac minis (and the single KVM control) is a sight to behold.

The Microsoft Mac team isn’t huge, but they’re definitely devoted, and seem to love Apple hardware as much as any other Machead. So we can feel confident that there’ll at least be a Microsoft Office 2007 for Mac. Not that I use it (much), but its existence is one of the comforts switchers rely on when taking the plunge.

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