Dean Kamen in Hawaii

Among futurists and gearheads, Dean Kamen is a rock star. Known best for the Segway “human transporter” (now prowling metros across the country, including Honolulu), the 56-year-old entrepreneur and inventor is full of ideas, constantly applying technology to problems big and small… including problems that don’t yet exist. He even owns a Wonka-esque island off Connecticut that he’s playfully declared independent, run by a cabinet that includes a Minister of Ice Cream.

Kamen is in Honolulu, and has already held court with the governor, spoke to government officials and employees at the Hawaii Convention Center, and lectured at the University of Hawaii.

Tomorrow, he’ll be the guest of honor at Oceanit, one of Hawaii’s leading high-technology companies. Among the topics, his robotics organization, FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), for high school students.

The noontime presentation will take place in a cozy conference room in the Oceanit building on Fort Street. But thanks to Oceanit’s hospitality and Ustream.TV, Burt Lum and I will be sharing Kamen’s talk with the world, live, via streaming web video.

You can tune in at Burt’s Ustream.TV channel here, or you can watch Kamen’s talk (and my walk to and from Oceanit!) at my new lifecasting site, HawaiiGeek.TV.

UPDATE: Video clips from his talk here, here and here (YouTube). Cameraphone photos here.

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