Flickr Ticker Eye Candy

Whether or not you’re a Flickr user, you need to check out Gary Cohen’s Flickr Ticker. It’s an elegant presentation of Flickr photos (reminiscent of the Apple TV screen saver).

Powered by JavaScript and Flash, Flickr Ticker is simple yet sexy. Load it up in the browser of your choice and maximize the window, and you’ve got a beautiful swath of eye-candy that’ll make “3-D Pipes” rust away in shame.

As Cohen explains in this Flickr post, he also built in a few switches. By default, the Flickr Ticker just shows recently uploaded images. As you can imagine, that means a pretty mixed bag. A better choice would be to set Flickr Ticker to show photos that have bubbled up to the “explore” pool… images that have reached a high level of “interestingness” according to Flickr’s magic math. You can also set it to show images from a specific user. Like perennial island favorite, kaneblues!

Great stuff. I think it may very well replace the newsmap as my favorite background display.

Cohen — an Adobe blogger and CEO of Glub Tech, Inc. — said Flickr Ticker took one day to code. He’s inviting feedback and feature requests, and I’m sure Flickr Ticker by tag and group pools will be available in no time. [via Scobleizer]

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