Podshow Hacked

Podcasters with accounts at Adam Curry’s PodShow “social media community” got a bizarre e-mail message this morning:

From: “[email protected]

Reply-To: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Date: Jun 5, 2007 7:12 AM

Subject: HACKED!

Mailed-By: podshow.com

podshow.com got HACKED by yeknom!

The messages appear to have been copied to PodShow’s lead developer, Kevin Ostrowski. Apart from the e-mail, however, there was no clear evidence anything was hacked at all. Podcasters were skeptical.

“How exactly did PodShow did hacked? Website replacement? Strange messages? Anything? Proof?” asked Nashville-based rocker Matthew Ebel, a leading PodShow Music Network artist, on his Twitter stream. “All I got on a PodShow hack was some email sent to me… which just means someone can write a script to send out auto-emails. Anything else?”

“Yes, why is Podshow being hacked by a backwards monkey?” asked Jen of the BUCKET podcast. “Honestly DB didn’t need to be hacked to do this. Website is fine so looks fakeyfakefake to me. Damn primates.”

Unfortunately, Curry himself soon took to Twitter to confirm that the “backwards monkey” managed to get into something he shouldn’t have.

“Might as well tweet this one: Looks like our email database has been compromised, so far no other apparent damage, but it definitely sux,” he wrote. “The team is of course all over it, updates as I get them.”

While Curry and Ostrowski clearly have a long day ahead of them, fans of the Twitter service are again impressed at the speed with which news travels in 140-character blurbs.

“Once again, Twitter is the news outlet that is ahead of the game — gotta love new media and all the participants,” wrote podcaster P.D. Love. “Group Hug!”


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