ThinkTech Tackles Lifecasting

Lifecasting — live video streaming over the internet on a personal scale — will be the topic du jour on Hawaii Public Radio’s “ThinkTech Hawaii” radio show, airing this afternoon at 5 p.m. on KIPO 89.3FM. Host Jay Fidell has invited “digital wonderer” Burt Lum and me into the studio to discuss new technologies and web services that’s bringing live video broadcasting to the masses.

We’ll also be joined remotely by web strategist Jeremiah Owyang, who has both written about and actively implemented lifecasting as a key “social media” tool for business.

We’ll cover as much as we can during the hour, beginning with the technical, moving into the practical, and dreaming about the potential.

Sites like Ustream, BlogTV, Kyte, Veodia, and (of course) Justin.TV will be discussed as part of the “how.” But the “why” will be much more interesting. We’ll look at applications ranging from citizen journalism to education, from boardroom business to mass-market entertainment, from social networking to surveillance. We’ll look at some of the challenges and problems as well, including privacy and intellectual property concerns.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a lifecasting discussion without lifecasting, so you’ll be able to watch us in the HPR studios live at HawaiiGeek.TV or at Burt’s Ustream channel.

Don’t want to watch, but want to listen from somewhere beyond KIPO’s transmitter range? Try their live audio stream. We’d love to hear your thoughts and answer your questions, so don’t hesitate to call in at (808) 941-3689.

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