Suck It, Who?

SuckItJesus.comIt’s one thing to make Newsweek. It’s another thing entirely to rate a citation in that venerable publication for a website called That claim to fame belongs to Carlos Uretta, a student at Hawaii Pacific University and the talented guy behind the HPU alt-news site

Carlos and his friends launched the site after comedienne Kathy Griffin dissed the Son of God during her acceptance speech at the 2007 Emmy Awards. It wasn’t long before Jesus’ global fan club mobilized in protest, prompting plans to clip her comments out of a broadcast of the awards ceremony. And that possibility prompted outrage — albeit largely mocking, smirking outrage — from the other side.

Hence,, an online petition in defense of Kathy Griffin and against Bill Donohue, the Catholic League, and (I guess) Mr. Christ. So far, the site has netted 7,065 signatures, but more importantly, a great deal of delicious, viral web goodness. Blog posts, message boards, and indeed, mainstream media coverage.

Carlos knows the fleeting nature of internet memes, though, and isn’t wasting any time monetizing the site. (See also: lolcats.) Of course you’ve got Google Ads —hilariously pushing Christian Ringtones and a Cool Jesus Christ T Shirt — but there’s also a bumper sticker for $4.99, and a big red bar announcing that “ is FOR SALE.”

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