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“LOST” is settling in for another big shoot at the downtown YWCA, marking perhaps the fourth time in as many weeks the historic building across from ‘Iolani Palace has hosted the show. As in the past, details are few, as a rented building offers much more privacy than a city street. But a couple of little birdies have flitted past with tantalizing possibilities.

  1. There is a lot of construction going on. Much of it is for a major renovation of the Cafe Laniakea restaurant (what I thought might be a greenscreen backdrop is merely a storage shed for tables and chairs), but some of the skilled carpentry observed recently is indeed related to “LOST” sets.
  2. One set, in particular, bears a faint resemblance to a courtroom, complete with judge’s bench, witness stand, and bar.  Then again, a rough sketch of the layout was interpreted by someone else as a cafeteria.  My money’s on courtroom, though.
  3. The hearing or trial to take place on the set revolves around the “LOST” character and flashback most commonly associated with the YWCA location.  As it is, this actor has been on the premises for at least two of the last three location shoots (though presumably for different scenes).

It is curious that “LOST” is making such frequent use of the YWCA when it has access to much of the Hawaii Film Studio at Diamond Head, which is specifically designed for film and TV production and deliciously closed to the public.

Then again, the look of “LOST” practically demands a level of authenticity in sets and locations that a studio just can’t provide.  Also, I’d like to think that facilities like the YWCA ultimately benefit financially from being periodic hosts to a hit TV series… exactly the kind of local investment our film industry gurus cheer.

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  3. October 4, 2007

    […] El set de grabación de Lost está que echa humo, pues ya trabaja a pleno rendimiento.  […]

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