I Can Has Cheezburger on iPhone

ICanHasCheezburger on the iPhoneIf you’re a “lolcat” fan with an iPhone, you can now get a specially formatted fix of funny felines. The weird and whimsical website I Can Has Cheezburger, which is the brainchild of local geek Eric Nakagawa and his friends, has just announced an iPhone-optimized interface. All you have to do is launch Safari on your iPhone and bookmark this page. Voila, a fast-loading, smile-making collection of hilarity is just a click away.

And yes, there’s a special ICHC icon for those of you who love “lolcats” enough to have them on your iPhone home screen.

Remember, Hawaii Blog is also optimized for the iPhone, and has a cool webclip icon as well. Try it!

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